Kathleen Mavourneen

A California woman with peace and love in her heart…

and an adventurous spirit in her head.

Real estate agent. A Ducati Scrambler all of her own and a passion for MTB. Let’s find out what she hides under her helmet when she walks the streets of Monterey.

(I currently live in the Laguna Beach area of Orange County, California. I grew up in Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California.)

SS: What do you feel when you are on your Ducati?

I feel absolutely incredible when I am riding! It is a such an escape for me and brings me both peace and excitement! I can tune everything out, yet completely tune in if that makes any sense at all. It has been a very empowering experience for me as well, people seem so shocked and impressed that a little woman would ride such a powerful bike. I encourage more women to try it, don’t let the boys have all of the fun! Speaking of the boys, I do however thoroughly enjoy being a passenger from time to time. I have yet to find one besides my son that will ride on the back of mine, haha!

SS: How much time do you spend on two wheels, bearing in mind that you are also a mother?

As much as I can! During the summer as many as four or five times a week. Having a motorcycle to ride around Laguna Beach and up down the coast on the Pacific Coast Highway is an absolute dream! Lately its only been about twice a week and my bike calls to me from the garage. As far as being a mother, my children fully support it and love when I shuttle them around on it. The call me a baddie. Yes!!

SS: When did you find out you had motorcycle fire in your heart?

I love this question. I have had the fire ever since I was a little girl living next door to the legend and three time AMA Grand National Champion Ricky Graham. I thought he was the absolute coolest guy ever, especially when he would rip up and down our street riding wheelies. I was absolutely awestruck. He showed me so much kindness and would allow me to hang out in his garage and pester him while he worked on his bikes. As you can imagine, his garage was loaded with gleaming golden trophies I would covet, and eventually leave with after bartering for them with couple of pieces of red vines licorice. I was so happy to leave with the trophies I felt like I had won them myself. Tragically his life and motorcycle career were cut short in 1998 when he died in a house fire.

Motorcycles were actually frowned upon in my house as my own father had such a severe motorcycle accident that he actually died but thankfully was resuscitated just before they were about give up. He sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and was left with a steel plate in his head and a very goofy personality. He managed to keep his life and good looks as well by nothing short of a major miracle.

The accident happened just before he was planning on sailing the world on his sailboat with his three friends which he had to cancel. If he wouldn’t have had the accident, him and my mother would not have connected. My parents would say that maybe it happened and he was brought back from death just so they could meet and have me. He never owned a motorcycle again, opting instead for Porsches and VW Buses. My father passed away years ago, I like to think he is my guardian angel keeping me extra safe on the road. My mother supports me but is still not a fan of her daughter on a Ducati.

SS: Did you immediately cultivate this passion for motorcycles? Tell us where it comes from.

I would say I have had it from the time I was a little girl as mentioned above but have only recently started seriously riding on the road after purchasing my Ducati just last year. I have had a Vespa for years and I still absolutely love it but since I got the Scrambler it’s just a grocery store runner because of that sexy basket. I have wanted a motorcycle for as long as I can remember but unnecessarily put it on hold in lieu of relationships, raising my children and doing what I thought I needed to do and not do at the time. Ridiculous, right? I did not feel free to be my true self. In hindsight I wish had followed my dream, and many others a long time ago. So many lessons learned.

Divorce has been quite liberating. Another major factor in my love of motorcycles is that I happened to grow up on the Monterey Peninsula, home of the world famous Laguna Seca Raceway. Our area would come alive and be taken over by motorcycles during bike week and when races were going on. I was asked to be an umbrella girl or a promo girl so many times its funny.

I actually accepted an offer to be Mick Doohan’s umbrella girl at one point but backed out being an old fashioned good girl and all. My grandmother surely would not have approved (she is probably not a fan of my Instagram page, I’m definitely going to have to answer for that when I meet her in heaven).

All of that excitement coupled with California’s Highway1 and the Big Sur coastline made my hometown a Mecca for motorcycles. I consider myself very fortunate to grow up where I did.

SS: Do you like to travel, do you always do it in motion?

Yes, I absolutely love to travel yet still haven’t been to so may places I have been longing to go. There are so many travel experiences I simply can’t wait to have one day with the right person or people. I like to think I’ve been saving all of that wonder and excitement for the right time and situation, to fully experience it. I love adventure and to explore and I’m not afraid to try new things, except maybe questionable, strange food. I like think I can make any trip a fun one. I love to always be active and in motion but equally appreciate quiet meaningful moments and downtime. Balance.

SS: If there is a dream in your motorcycle drawer, would you like to reveal it to us?

Great question. So, so many motorcycle dreams its hard to choose. I would love to add more motorcycles to the garage someday, vintage BMW’s, Triumphs and Ducati’s top my dream list. I plan to keep my Scrambler forever, it was just a dream not too long ago.

Traveling through Europe on a motorcycle would be an absolute dream. For now I plan to start with a ride up the coast to Big Sur, and to explore my home state more. California really does have it all, I am living a pretty amazing dream right here. And then theres the one about riding down the beach or through a forest or desert on my mystery dream mans lap…

SS: If you were to pass on to your children what you feel on the bike, how would you do it? How would you explain it to them?

They have a good idea what it feels like as they have all ridden dirt bikes from a very young age and enjoy going for a ride with me. They totally get it. I explain it as something that brings me an incredible amount of joy, yet nowhere near the joy that being their mother brings me. It’s true.

SS: What are the overseas experiences you have had with your Scrambler?

None yet. I’d most likely leave it home and enjoy some time with a native bike.

SS: What sets you apart most, the dark soul of your Ducati or the Peace and Love of your loved ones? In short, where do you feel in free flight?

I would say peace and love rules my world. I am all about living a drama free, peaceful yet passionate life surrounded by the people I love and care for. I try to demonstrate kindness at all times. I definitely have an edge and a bit of a wild soul though I wouldn’t call it dark.

I can be scrappy and fearless if it’s called for. I think it’s so important to be well balanced and able to adapt to different situations and personalities, have some street smarts. I’m still working on the free flight feeling but know I am getting closer to it everyday I honor my heart and soul and listen to what they are trying to tell me.

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